We don’t work with just anyone. Our candidates often come to us because they have a very specific client contact in mind (in effect, we reverse head-hunt, finding an organisation for a particularly talented individual) and when they want to work with a consultancy that takes the time to interact with them, understand their wants, needs and key drivers, and offers an honest and transparent way of working. As a candidate with lis Welsh you’ll have already have met the team before you’re alerted to any potential positions. 

We don’t just take on names to fill a database – we take on people who are highly qualified and who may be in demand by the clients we work with. We have heard all the horror stories from the candidates we work with, and are aware that recruitment consultants are often thought of as nothing more than glorified matchmakers, but the senior team at Lis Welsh take a personal approach. When you’re on our books it will be because we know you and understand you. You won’t be simply another number.