We specialise in providing the most highly qualified candidates to our clients. In our initial consultation we spend time really getting to understand what you and your business want (and we ask the tough questions that other HR consultancies wouldn’t necessarily ask). Asking the hard questions often means we get answers that even our clients didn’t realise needed answering! 

We undertake an initial interview with every candidate who wants to work with us. This allows us to create a personal candidate profile which is then tagged (according to over 50 different metrics) and sorted within our custom database so that we can find exactly the right shortlisted person for a particular position in the absolute minimum of time. As our client, you will only ever receive 3-4 shortlisted candidates for your consideration.

We spend the time matching very closely to what you want and need. This way, your time can be better spent on your core business rather than sifting through meaningless CV’s from people who are not at the right skill level. We work with all our clients from initial candidate contact, through to final offer and then post-start coaching, meaning that we help settle the new team member into the organisation over the first few months. This measurably improves the retention rate for new starters within an organisation.