One of the things that sets us apart from other consultancies is that we don’t simply stop working for you when your new recruit starts. As a team of qualified life coaches we understand the importance of helping the candidate settle in and become a part of the organisation. We undertake a structured, strategic approach to post-placement coaching that aims to ensure that the candidate, and the company, can start off this journey together in the most positive way possible. We’ll work with the senior managers on probationary coaching techniques and structures, and we’ll work with the new employee on short-term goal setting and communication techniques to ensure that every stakeholder in this new partnership is nurtured and settled. 

Studies have shown that a much higher retention rate is attained if organisations and new employees go through this procedure, and at Lis Welsh we consider it a part of our core service to offer this to all our clients and candidates.

We also work on a one to one basis privately with clients. As a coach we are directly concerned with the improvement of your performance and development of your skills. We think of you in terms of your potential and not your past performance and work with you to achieve your hidden potential. This is carried out either face to face or over the telephone in 45 minute sessions usually one week apart for a minimum of 3 meetings.