Social Game Designer

Our client is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones, smart phones and downloadable games for consoles, we are looking for a Social Game Designer for their studio in Madrid.

As a social game designer, your responsibility is to design iPhone and mobile games that will be played by a maximum number of players, understanding why people want to play together and what motivates them to promote the game to their friends.
You are a confident designer, an expert in creating accessible and entertaining user experience. You understand the difference between player types and you are able to design game features that will forge a vibrant community.

• Design strong social mechanics for the core gameplay and improve user experience for existing ones to boost virility and social retention.
• Define priorities and follow implementation with the teams: producers, artists, developers and writers.
• Research competition and internal products to create benchmark, best practice and pitch for new social concepts.
• Analyse the evolution of the metrics you defined to spot both viral bottlenecks and facilitators, then report suggestions for the game design or strategy accordingly.

Skills required:
• 3 years proven experience of designing social features (i.e. not just multiplayer).
• At least two shipped titles that have a strong community.
• Deep, up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play market and social media, both web-based and on smartphones.
• Mastering of UI and flow prototyping tools (Flash, Visio)
• Passion for all types of ‘multiplayer’ games: board games, sports, MMO, ARG, street games, gambling and all genres of videogames.
• Fluent English.
• Good understanding of the network architectures: client/server, turn-based/real-time.
• Degree in Psychology, Sociology or Cognitive Science would be a plus.
• Previous experience as community manager.