Data Science & Analytics

The Company:
As one of the world’s leading video game developers, our client develops both original and contract (license/conversion) titles for publication on consoles, handheld devices and mobile platforms using their in-house, cross platform technology.
Their vision is to build superb games with deep and rewarding experiences on multiple devices, serviced by their creative and talented development teams, to listen to their audience and respond with meaningful updates and compelling content.

Purpose of the Job:
In recent years the importance of capturing and analysing behavioural data has become paramount, not least in applications on devices such as smart phones and tablets. The potentially enormous quantity of data capable of being produced by these devices and their associated applications creates a problem: capturing every input is both expensive to store and may require a lifetime of analysis to understand. Our Client is in the process of building an analytics department dedicated to this challenge, by using a combination of analytic, data mining and statistical skills, we are able to analyse masses of game data giving us a deeper understanding of player behaviour, ultimately informing us on how to perfect the game experience.
It is our Clients ambition to expand this Analytics Department to include economists, business intelligence experts and data scientists all with a passion for games and an ability to translate experiments and analysis in to design insights that can be understood by the game teams and the wider business

Principal Accountabilities:
• Assisting with game design and implementation to ensure the experience can be accurately captured, modelled and adjusted in response to findings in the data.
• Researching and modelling of game features such as in-game economies, energy mechanics, upgrade paths, monetisation strategies and core loops.
• Collection, analysis and interpretation of data to identify player pain-points and interests.
• Devising, implementing and running AB tests on live games to optimise gameplay, rates of progression, UI elements and storefronts.
• Working within the project teams ensuring the results of analyses are communicated, understood and utilised.
• Developing and evolve tools for tracking, understanding and optimising players’ experiences.

This role is based in Oxford

Executive Package