Lis Welsh Search & Selection have, over the years, worked with some of the most highly qualified executives within the entertainment industry. Some of these senior mentors are now looking to offer their guidance, advice and support in a non-exec capacity, whereby they will work with the executive Board of an organisation and help to develop strategy, scrutinize performance, help to mitigate risk and provide a wider business perspective than would otherwise be available internally.

The appointment of a non-exec director (NED) to the Board is widely regarded as the best way to ensure that governance is managed effectively, and that executive activity is carried out in accordance with a defined strategy. Appointing an NED could be one of the smartest moves an established SMC could make in it’s ongoing efforts to grow and establish market recognition.

At Lis Welsh Search & Selection we’re able to introduce NED’s of the highest caliber to companies who could use their services, and utilize the incredible knowledge that these heads of industry have attained over the years. These people have been at the very top of their profession, and have the experience, knowledge and sector contacts that could help move your business onto the next level, or even help you to establish a robust exit strategy when the time is right.