What we do differently to a contingency agency?

  • We meet our clients and take an assignment brief
  • We face to face interview
  • We understand that each role is unique and requires a tailored approach
  • We get to grips with the nature of the job and culture of our client
  • We establish who the applicant will work alongside and report into
  • We offer a 90 day business coaching session


How do LWS&S market their business?

  • We use major job boards other than GIBiz, MCV/Develop to include; LinkedIn, Games Jobs Direct, Monster, NM Age, Total Jobs, jobs e-consultancy, Indeed, Only Digital Jobs to attract industry and non – industry applicants
  • We work with our clients to map the market for potential companies for us to target and  head hunt from
  • We agree a short list of candidates that we will approach
  • We have an existing database of over 2500 contacts
  • Monthly candidate profile ‘mail out’ (minus names and co names etc)
  • Talent scout for key clients
  • We stay in touch at a distance by highlighting and reviewing relevant industry news
  • We attend all major events in UK and Europe to promote our business